Safe, robust, and adaptable to all grid networks.
This is the most durable charging solution for municipalities and public use.

Meet PublicLine

Public Charging ColumnMore and more businesses and individuals are switching to electric cars. But even municipalities are increasingly becoming interested in this option. That's logical, since this comes with many benefits. The PublicLine by EV-Box has become a recognizable fixture in public parking lots, in the workplace and in parking garages. The residents of your municipality and visitors can charge their electric vehicles easily, quickly and safely. By using the best materials and most intelligent software, an EV-Box charging station requires the most minimal amount of maintenance.

The PublicLine was specially designed for the public area. The PublicLine has two charging points. The intelligent charging stations are available in various designs, for all desired capacities. EV-Box also offers various unique services for billing and "smart charging". The installation of several charging stations is particularly advantageous due to central management.

Why you need an EV-Box in public

  • The PublicLine allows your city to facilitate an increasingly larger number of EV drivers around the world and to promote a sustainable and progressive identity
  • The PublicLine is available in various capacities and consumes the energy available on-site responsibly
  • The PublicLine can be set up in a Hub / Satellite arrangement, which saves you subscription fees by allowing multiple charging stations to communicate via just a single modem
  • The PublicLine gives access to Smart Charging services, which enables your charging stations to consume and distribute power efficiently
  • EV-Box enables municipalities to set up charging times (e.g. to endorse charging in off-peak hours)
  • The PublicLine can be branded with your city colors and logo.
  • The PublicLine has stainless steel design, is colour-fast, impact-resistant and non-flammable
  • The PublicLine requires only a minimum amount of maintenance
  • The LED ring ensures a good communication between the station, the user, the operator, and the BackOffice management system.
  • Charging station management and software optimisation can be done remotely
  • EV-Box charging stations are fully CE-certified

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