Free charge cards and key fobs

Swipe 'n charge with the free EV-Box Charge Card! It gives you access to all public charging points within the EV-Box Network. Request your free (additional) charge cards & key fobs below.

Charge cards are the key to every charging station at home, on the go, and even abroad. Now you can request your EV-Box charge cards & key fobs for free! 

Start and stop each charging session with just a simple swipe of the free EV-Box Charge Card. On top of that, our charge cards register and process your charging sessions for automatic monthly billing. Zero effort, full experience.

To access public charging points within the EV-Box Network, please activate the Interoperability Subscription of £ 2,00 per month (excl. VAT). 

Request your free (additional) charging cards and/or key fobs below. Orders for +100 charging cards and/or key fobs, are eligible for custom branding.

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