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Our products are compatible with all electric vehicles and are integrated with an advanced BackOffice system. The unique LED ring makes each charging station easy to spot. We're ready to take care of your charging experience.


Smart Charging

Smart Charging is an umbrella term that defines all intelligent functionalities and protocols in EV-Box’s charging stations that optimize the charging infrastructure by creating and distributing the available power in an efficient and flexible manner. With Smart Charging, you prevent unnecessary costs and get the most out of your charging stations in case of limited power capacity. Depending on your subscription plan, our BackOffice gives you access to Smart Charging solutions such as Load Balancing, Peak Shaving, and Hub / Satellite.

Load Balancing IconLoad Balancing maintains sufficient energy capacity

Maintain sufficient capacity for your active charging stations with the Load Balancing service. This service is essential for cases in which there is insufficient energy capacity available at a single location to operate all charging stations at the same time. In this scenario, Load Balancing enables charging stations to automatically sensor and distribute the power proportionally over all charging poles.

Peak Shaving IconPeak Shaving prevents overcapacity

Prevent overcapacity of energy with the Peak Shaving service. With the BackOffice, you may set up a (de)activation time for your charging stations to avoid overcapacity of power. It also enables you to set a variable kWh or start tariff for your charging stations. This allows you to avoid any additional costs when you reach overcapacity, as you motivate users to charge during off-peak hours.

Hub / Satellite IconHub / Satellite ensures cost efficiency

Multiple charging stations can be managed easily with the Hub / Satellite service, which connects a group of charging stations per location to each other through a single communication device and BackOffice plan. Up to 19 charging points without a modem can be linked to a charging station with a modem in a Hub / Satellite connection. This service also prevents you from purchasing separate subscription plans and unnecessary hardware.

Warranty extension

You can extend the warranty on your EV-Box hardware from 2 to 5 years. This extension is only possible in conjunction with a service agreement. The warranty extension can be purchased with a one-time fee.

Service Agreement

In addition to an EV-Box Subscription (which includes support from our help desk and periodic hardware updates), you may also sign a "Service Agreement" along with the purchase of your charging station(s). With a Service Agreement, you are entitled to full reimbursement of travel costs, labor and materials that are involved in any rare cases of malfunction repairs (within the warranty period).


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