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With EV-Box BackOffice you can manage your charging points transactions, do smart charging and automatically settle all your employees charging sessions.


You're in charge with EV-Box BackOffice!

The BackOffice is a cloud-based management system that helps you to track and manage the usage of your charging stations. Though you might think a charging station is all you need, this platform is in fact essential to the management and maintenance of your charging facilities, specifically when you’re managing multiple charging stations (across various locations).

Based on the things you’ll most likely be dealing with as a business owner, this guide walks you through the features and services the BackOffice gives access to if you subscribe to one of our subscription plans. With a subscription plan to the BackOffice, you’re ensured of an easy, safe, cost- and energy-efficient operation of your charging stations anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

Automated Billing IconAutomated billing

Let us take care of the billing of all charging sessions with your staff and/or leasing partners by registering your charging stations in the BackOffice.

Configurable Rates IconConfigurable rates

Set variable rates for kWh and/or start tariffs to accomodate your business hours, your staff’s and customers’ charging habits, and to ensure a safe and responsible usage of the available power capacity.

Charge Wherever You Go IconCharge wherever you go

Allow everyone using your charging facilities to also charge at our charging stations on the go and abroad, with personal charging cards or key fobs that are connected with the BackOffice for easy management.

Up to date IconAlways visible and up-to-date

Publish your charging points in the BackOffice map and the ChargeNet app to enable everyone to locate and charge from your stations, and gain real-time insights into each charging session.


Subscription Plans

With an online subscription to our cloud-based management system BackOffice, you will have access to real-time insight on your charging sessions and charging costs. In addition, the BackOffice provides automatic updates of your charging stations firmware, and keeps track of your station's performance to provide you with instant technical service if necessary. Each charging session can be started and stopped with a personal Charging Card or Key Fob, or with our mobile app ChargeNet.


For private and leasing use

  • Automated tracking of your charging costs for your employer’s or private business’ administration. After a one-time registration, no further actions are required
  • Real-time insight to charging status and user update via or the app ChargeNet
  • Smart Charging: Regulates each charging stations electricity consumption to match the buildings available capacity, and prevents overloading of the circuits.**
  • 24/7 online support for questions and malfunction reports
  • Free firmware updates


For staff and guest use

  • All advantages of HOME, plus:
  • Online management and configuration of your charging station
  • Automatic reimbursement of charging costs for guests and employees
  • Customizable kWh tariffs***
  • Smart Charging: Load Balancing and Hub / Satellite configuration**
  • Push-notifications of your charging statuses


For commercial use

  • All advantages of BUSINESS, plus:
  • Advanced customization of charging fees for your guests and customers
  • Customizable start rate or time rate per charging session**
  • In-app promotion of your charging stations through ChargeNet

Pricing of subscriptions is set per country and is determined by EV-Box and EV-Box partners.

Smart Charging has an activation fee to be determined.

Rates per kWh are regulated by law. Rates have to be checked before approval.

Smart Charging Capabilities

Smart Charging. No doubt you’ll come across these words in your search for a charging station. It defines all intelligent functionalities in our charging stations that help you to optimize the charging process, making it an indispensible feature for operators of multiple charging points.

Smart Charging creates and distributes the available power in an efficient and flexible manner. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary costs such as overcapacity fees charged by grid operators, and you’ll get the most out of your charging stations in case of limited power capacity, any time, any place.

Depending on your subscription plan, the BackOffice gives you access to our Smart Charging solutions: Load Balancing, Peak Shaving, and Hub / Satellite.

Load Balancing IconLoad Balancing maintains sufficient energy capacity

Maintain sufficient capacity for your active charging stations with the Load Balancing service. This service is essential for cases in which there is insufficient energy capacity available at a single location to operate all charging stations at the same time. In this scenario, Load Balancing enables charging stations to automatically sensor and distribute the power proportionally over all charging poles.

Peak Shaving IconPeak Shaving prevents overcapacity

Distribute the available capacity per location proportionally over all charging stations in use with the Load Balancing service. This service ensures that each car is optimally charged within the limits of your charging stations’ and facility’s capacity. It also enables you to set a variable kWh or start tariff for your charging stations. This allows you to avoid any additional costs when you reach overcapacity, as you motivate users to charge during off-peak hours.

Hub / Satellite IconHub / Satellite ensures cost efficiency

Multiple charging stations can be managed easily with the Hub / Satellite service, which connects a group of charging stations per location to each other through a single communication device and BackOffice plan. Operate multiple charging stations cost effectively with the Hub / Satellite configuration, which connects up to 20 charging points per location through a single communication device. This will substantially improve and facilitate the management of all charging stations and related sockets.

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