Drive electric, charge everywhere

We offer EV charging solutions to electric drivers, businesses and municipalities; at home, at parking facilities (of any kind), and along the streets. With EV-Box, you hit the road fully charged, wherever you go.

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For every electric driver

Thank you for contributing to a more sustainable future as the proud owner of an electric car or a driver that's ready to change gears.

Setting up a charging station would be the next step in your journey toward a greener future. Charging stations are much safer and more durable for your home's and car's energy usage. Naturally, with a charging station at home, you're guaranteed a fully charged car, every time you go out.

Based on the things you'll most likely be dealing with as a (new) electric driver, EV-Box uses its expertise in helping you through the easy process of choosing a charging station that best matches your needs.

Charging from home, safe and fast

We promise you a faster, safer and more durable charging experience with the help of our expansive network of qualified installers that set up the best compatible charging station with your homes and cars capacity.

Fully charged, at home and on the go

Our charging cards and key fobs enable you to use our charging stations at home, on the go, and even abroad. EV-Box charging cards and key fobs guarantee green powerat all public charging stations in The Netherlands.

Control your charging costs, hassle-free

We offer you insights into your charging sessions and enable you to easily settle your home charging costs with your employer, leasing company, and/or fleet owner.

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The friendliest charging station. Easy to use, manage and install.

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For every business

In creating and maintaining a unique work culture and brand identity, you’re always on the lookout for new perks and benefits for your staff and customers, as well as for ways to foster a sustainable corporate identity. As more and more consumers have embraced the EV driving experience, access to charging stations have become a necessity for many of your employees and customers. Installing charging stations at for your office building, facility and/or parking facilities, is a great way for your business to ensure an efficient and innovative work place, and most importantly, to contribute to a more sustainable and greener future.

Each business is unique. We work with you to find the most suitable solution. This could range from something simple as installing charging points, to allowing you to customize your charging stations based on your branding, to setting up variable rates based on your business needs and setting up Smart Charging services and configurations to ensure a cost- and energy-efficient operation of multiple charging stations.

Icon Partner GuestFor businesses with private or reserved parking

We enable businesses that would like to offer charging facilities for their staff and guests, to easily manage your staff’s charging sessions with personal charging cards and cloud-based software that automates the allocation and settlement of all charging costs.

Icon CustomersFor commercial businesses with public parking

Our Smart Charging services and various accessories enable you to set up charging stations that always operate optimally, above and underground. With configurable rates and charging times, we enable your charging services to become seamlessly integrated with your parking facilities. With EV-Box, you will attract current and new customers with charging facilities that are easily identifiable and accessible during business hours or even beyond.

Icon SustainabilityFor all businesses

We help you to easily manage and gain insights into your charging stations. We also help you to prevent overcapacity, and to maintain safe and efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities. EV-Box ensures you to open up the best charging facilities to your staff, guests and customers, while also promoting your brand's look and feel so you can always showcase your company's innovative and sustainable side.

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The all-in-one charging solution
to accommodate your staff, guests and customers at all times.

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For every city

The growth of electronic transportation has brought about an increasing need for charging points in public areas. Because the number of electric cars and plug-in hybrids has increased significantly, there is currently a shortage of charging stations. Even municipalities play a key role in the continued growth and success of driving electric. How many charging points will there be installed in your municipality? Where will they be placed? How does this fit in with the parking policy? Each municipality determines its own policy and approach. EV-Box utilizes its solid market position and expertise in helping you finding an answer to these questions.

Icon InteroperabilityInteroperability

We provide a variety of charging stations and related cloud services, suitable for all charging cards in circulation. With interoperable charging stations, we strive to create and maintain an optimal charging infrastructure for today's and many other EV drivers to come.

Icon Energy UsageEasy management

Through a cloud-based management system BackOffice, we allow automatic settlement and billing of charging costs made at all of your charging points, as well as insights into energy use, an easy management and operation of all charging points, and (remote) service and maintenance.

Icon PartnershipsExpertise

We utilize our expertise in charging infrastructures in providing you advice regarding policy, role, preparation and management. With our expansive network of power suppliers and installers, we also help you safe and smooth installation of various types of charging points.

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The most reliable charging solution for the public.

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