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Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid

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The new Mercedes-Benz C350e - efficiency, dynamism and comfort. With a range of 19 miles, local emission-free driving is now a reality with the new Mercedes-Benz C350e. (Source)

Cable Icon Cable Type: Type 2

Full Battery Icon Battery: 6.2 kWh Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

Electricity Icon Max. capacity: 3.7 kW

Distance Icon Electric range: 19 mi.

Time Icon Time to charge: 2 hours

Plug Location Icon Plug location: Located underneath the trunk, right side of the rear

Price tag EV-Box Price per electric mile (example): £0,08 = (6.2 * 0,23) / 19 mi.

Under ideal circumstances, the car reaches 19 miles fully powered by electricity. Cold temperatures and driving habits may affect the electric range.

A charging station for: Home Work

Charging at home

One of the major advantages of an electric car is that you can charge it at home, so you're always ensured of a fully charged car when you hit the road. We recommend our HomeLine for safe, easy and fast charging of your Mercedes C350 Hybrid at home. HomeLine is available with a socket or a fixed cable and can be installed as a pole or wall model. It's a Smart Charging station that enables automatic settlement of your charging bills with your employer or leasing company. Customize your HomeLine with 6 standard colors or any other RAL color of your preference.

Charging at work

We recommend our BusinessLine charging station for fast and easy charging of your Mercedes C350 Hybrid at work. BusinessLine is available with an attached (spiral) cable and can be installed as a pole or wall model. Charging up to two cars simultaneously through a single modem with optional dual sockets, BusinessLine is specifically suited for the commercial market. Customize your BusinessLine with six standard colors, your brand color(s) and logo, and make the most out of its functionalities with our Smart Charging services.

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Benefits of EV-Box charging stations

  • Safer and up to 8 times faster than a regular outlet
  • Color-fast, impact-resistant and non-flammable
  • Provides insights into charging sessions and energy use
  • Available in different power capacities
  • Modular built; requires only a minimum amount of maintenance
  • Charging station management and software optimization can be done remotely
  • The LED ring provides a clear charging status indication
  • Automatic settlement of charging costs with your employer, leasing company, or your own company
  • Equipped with Smart Charging technology for a cost-effective and energy-efficient use of the available power capacity